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    Our Managed Cloud Communications Solution allows our customers to focus on their core business, not managing their phone system. Learn all the ways we can help.

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    Rival5 is able to scale to any size organization, and simultaneously provide a feature-rich, application-friendly solution for the most demanding environments.

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iSIP - iPRI - iPOTS - iFAX | Unlimited Local & LD Calling | Call Rerouting & Forwarding

Managed Hosted VoIP | Dedicated Cloud Servers | Redundant On-Site Servers

Soft Phones | Mobile Phones | Voicemail-to-Email | Fax-to-Email | Caller-Id Masking

"All-Call Paging | Call Recording | E911 to the Classroom | Bully Hotline | Emergency Information Line"

Focus on their Future.
We'll focus on connecting the classroom

We provide turnkey carrier grade Cloud Telephone Services using our Dedicated VoIP Telephone Systems with intuitive Web integration tools, to connect and collaborate the schools within your district. Our services were established to help your staff relieve the stress of managing their telecommunication needs, while retaining control at their desired level.

Voicemail to Email

Receive an email with a wav file attached when someone leaves a message.

Fax-to-Email & Email-to-Fax

Receive an email with the Fax document attached. The really cool part is our iFax solution allows you to still use your exis-ting Fax machine, if desired.

Easy Mobile Integration

To reach your staff anytime, anywhere. The teachers can even mask their mobile phones caller-id with the schools main number when calling parents.

E911 to Classroom

An innovative way to help emergency responders reach the classroom, not get stuck at the front desk wondering who called 911.

District Wide All-Call Paging

To reach your entire district with just one call from any physical district phone or an authorized mobile phone!

Instant Call recording

Authorized users have access to Instant Call-Recording with a press of a button.

24/7 Bully Hotline

With call recording and automatic after hours forwarding.

Emergency Info Line

For major announcements, like school closings due to a snow day.

Meet The Team

We’ll partner with you to address your specialized issues, and make sure that we provide you with a single system that not only addresses your current phone needs, but also has the power and flexibility to grow and adapt as your business does. Our talented team is with you every step of the way.

Districts We Serve

Chicago Heights
Coal City

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