Supported Hardware with Rival5

Flexible buying and leasing options are available when choosing your communications equipment with Rival5. Or, see if your existing phones or equipment are compatible and can be reused.

Whether we need to provide a sophisticated desktop phone, a simple teleworker phone, integrate with an overhead paging system, or supply dial tone to an existing analog phone, we have the solution.

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Popular Devices

We strategically utilize our partnerships with our different supported manufacturers of IP phones and communications products. We ensure us (and therefore our customers) gain top-notch support, a never-ending cycle of beta and stable firmware, as well as the ability to work with developers closely on any feature requests or bugs and issues. As well as extended warranties managed through us.



This executive-style phone boasts a 7" adjustable touch screen that allows easy navigation and call operations, as well as virtual self-labeling keys. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in, the T57W is a powerful and expandable office phone that we envision in receptionist roles, or with executives.



The T54W is designed for mid-to-high range power users. This phone's adjustable 4.3" display is bordered by virtual-pages of programmable multi-purpose keys. Ideal for use in busy office environments where presence and advanced call operations is key, you cannot go wrong with the Yealink T54W. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth built in.

Yealink_Certified Partner
We are a certified EDU partner with Yealink!


The DECT W56H wireless handset is ideal for any internal mobile application. Its separate charger & networked base offer flexible deployment methods, and the phone itself has a long lasting Li-ion battery with quick charging capability.



The simple T40G can be deployed anywhere a simple phone is needed. Ideal for strategically placed (or grandfathered in) courtesy phones, warehousing facilities, factories, or plants.


T53 / T53W

Ideal for classrooms and other larger deployments, the T53 series of phones features a large monochrome screen with programmable self-labeling buttons. The T53W has built in Wi-Fi for added flexibility.



Optimal audio quality is exhibited with the CP960. The wired conference phone can be centralized in rooms or areas and paired with convenient medium range wireless DECT microphones.



Utilizing wireless DECT technology and its built in battery, the CP930W is completely wireless. Its built-in 3-microphone array satisfies any in-room conferencing need. Its integrated lithium battery provides up to 24-hour talk time, with up to 15-day standby.

Yealink_Certified Partner

Paging Integration & Analog Adapters

Rival5 can easily integrate with paging & intercom systems. Our paging adapter serves multiple purposes to both interface with and activate advanced building intercom systems, existing small paging systems, or just as simple as amplifiers. We can provide line-level audio and a contact closure to any system input to gain priority, or use dial tone to access zones or groups on more sophisticated zoned systems.

Our devices are also able to distribute multicast throughout networks to pre-configured listening multicast endpoints, including phones.

In the event analog devices such as door phones, elevator phones, area of refuge stations or others exist, we have a variety of analog adapters which we can employ to bridge the gap between these systems and our solutions.

IP Strobe Lights

Our networked PoE-powered IP strobe lights have flexible deployment options in different environments. Used primarily in large areas and in corridors and hallways, these lights provide ample visual notification to direct attention to an audio announcement, or signal an event or emergency in progress. (available in single or multi-color devices)


All-in-One Combination Device

Perfect for classrooms, ambient-noise sensing all-in-one device has an integrated clock, as well as eight multi-colored LEDs bordering a wideband speaker array. With relay inputs and outputs, this can be used as an intercom endpoint (call-in, or call-to-device) in conjunction with call buttons or the built-in call button on the bottom of the unit.

Not tied to any old speaker wire or auxiliary power, all of these flexible devices are powered over regular network runs via PoE (power-over-ethernet). Low voltage PoE allows the leverage of existing data networks and cabling throughout buildings to power and control these versatile endpoints. Fully monitored by Rival5 networks and systems so there's never any surprises.

Sound-Sensing Speaker

for small & medium-sized spaces

This small, discreet sound-sensing speaker can either be used to complement existing paging requirements or be used on its own. With a built-in microphone, ambient noise will be detected at the beginning of a transmission to match volume accordingly so all announcements are heard. Ideal for shops, garages, kitchens, and other areas.

Indoor/Outdoor Horn

Far-reaching and designed for large spaces

This bullhorn style speaker is outdoor-rated and provides crystal-clear audio at long distances when configured properly. When used indoors, sound-sensing can be activated to raise the volume based on ambient noise levels in dynamic spaces like gymnasiums, common areas, cafeterias, warehouses, factories, or manufacturing plants.

Surface Mount General Purpose Speaker

A versatile general-purpose speaker with durable enclosure suitable for any surface mount, hardened deployment environment.

Ceiling Mount / Recessed
General Purpose Speaker

Hallways, corridors, and other general areas and rooms' with more discreet paging requirements can utilize these speakers that will mount in drywall, drop ceilings, and more.