Business-Grade Solution

LWe provide a feature-rich, scalable communication system custom-tailored to businesses, both big and small. Designed to eliminate finger pointing and companies money, we back it all up with around-the-clock support so users, managers, and more can focus on what they do best.

RCom™ Unified Communications

RCom differs heavily from the legacy and proprietary telephone systems of the past. Legacy systems are comprised of desktop phones connected to licensing-driven, aging equipment that is hidden away in a back room. RCom is deployed utilizing a highly-available, redundant hosted services approach. Desktop phones connect to Rival5’s cloud-based systems using existing internet and network infrastructure.

With a variety of extension options available, RCom provides a flexible and comprehensive answer to meet the complex and ever-changing communications needs of any business. RCom extends past desktop phones and offers seamless mobile integration, convenient web portal access from any device, and native cell phone dialing while on the go.

Standard RCom features include:
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • System Notifications
  • Online User Portal
  • All-Call Paging
  • Granular Call Reporting
  • Call Recording
  • Cellular Push-Pull
  • Intuitive Web-Based Administration

Our feature-packed, cloud-based, hosted Unified Communications telephone system customized to meet and exceed any business or organization's needs.


RVoice™ Telecom Service

The replacement for existing telephone services and lines to deliver concurrent call paths to and from the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Peering with multiple nationwide carriers, RVoice employs QCR Quality Control Routing™ across all redundant call proxies to determine the most reliable path for optimized call performance. Continuous call path monitoring is leveraged to activate CBA Call Bursting Assurance™, guaranteeing that callers never hear a busy signal.

RVoice exceeds FCC & state E911 laws, statutes, and regulations during call delivery in the event of an emergency. Direct tandem and ALI database access allows flexible, precise localization of callers and devices within organizations.

E911 with Granular Location-ID
QCR Quality Control Routing™
CBA Call Bursting Assurance™ (2:1)

Additional RVoice features:

  • Unlimited Domestic (L48) Calling
  • RMask™ Caller-ID Masking
  • Automatic Flexible Failover Routing
  • Cell Phone Redundancy & Twinning
  • Toll-Free & International Calling

RLock™ Emergency Notification Service

How RLock is activated can be customized to meet particular security requirements to ensure authorized and purposeful activation. Tightly integrated within RCom and RVoice, RLock, uses existing infrastructure to provide an audible and visual notification to systems and devices throughout corporate networks.

Rival5 network-enabled notification devices are deployed in areas where existing alerting and paging may be limited in availability or non-existent. Strategically placed strobe lights offer visual cues to occupants, while sound-sensing speakers automatically adjust volume based on ambient noise levels. Messages and notifications delivered to occupants and staff are custom-tailored to businesses’ emergency action plans and protocols. With direct 911 and PSAP access, RLock easily accomplishes notification to local authorities.

Safety and Security Features include:alarm-blue

  • Multiple Activation Channels
  • Company-Wide Notification
  • Sound-Sensing Speakers
  • Overhead Paging Integration
  • Local PSAP Notification
  • Security and Access System Integration
  • Leverage Phones as Panic Buttons
  • Service and Device Level Monitoring
  • Visual LED Strobe Lights
  • Direct 911 Access

Relieves the strain of timely and adequately notifying building occupants, management, and public safety in the event of a crisis scenario.

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RFax™ Electronic Fax Service

Sending and receiving faxes is easily accomplished via email, web portal, or traditional fax machine. RFax can route inbound faxes by department, office, or even specific users as needed. Fax Bridges are utilized to deliver dial tone to fax machines that still see heavy use or are required.


Outbound faxing options include sending via email or through a secure, web-based faxing portal, as well as a traditional fax machine. Flexible routing options offer analog delivery to a fax machine or completely digital delivery options to the portal or an email without the need for a POTS line. Fax history and transaction reports are easily accessible with the click of a button and provide an audit trail and logs of past activities.

The replacement for expensive plain old telephone service lines connected to legacy fax machines and servers

Standard RFax features include:

  • Fax-to-Email
  • Email-to-Fax
  • Portal Access
  • Transaction Reports
  • Fax Bridge to Legacy Machines
  • Email Delivery Notifications
  • Simultaneous Fax Capability